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Updating hal dll

- microsoft windows xp- optin / fastdetectwhat is this one? i was stupid, and i got confused it, since i did not find any file named similarly, and i modified delating a string: noexecute=optin / fastdetec, because on the web a normal file did not contain it.i restored than because i understood my mistake.i hope i restored it correctly because i don not remember if there was some spaces between the words.i had changed the value of "disk" "rdisk" and "partition" because, as i told, i wanted to make it equal to a normal file found on the webi restored also these value, hoping i remebered the original ones in file backup correctlyi then created file bece in my pc was not if i could see hidden file and system filei created by copying the file backup, removing ".backup" extension and removing the string above: "noexecute=optin" but leaving " /fastdetect". Kees I HAVE A SIMILAR is missing.i managed to restore, expanding it from cd rom of xp in the emergency recovery console but when i start, still appears the choice that tells me: what do you want to boot? hello, sorry, myabe you remind me for long post on hd sorry for you but im forced to explain all the story from the beginning, so you can understand.i hope to be clear, at least better than in my past post.i replaced my hd.i installed xpi launched my back upntldr is missingi retrieved (took) from xp cd rom using the recovery consolepc still not workingi retrieved (took) also the file pc is workingbut at the boot im told: file not validin the post on internet where i found the solutions to restore ntldr and file i also read that to make a good job, i should now change the attribute of the filed copied from the xp cd rom.attribute changer is the software to do thati downloaded, it is free, but dont worki discovered that attribute changes can be made from the recovery console, by chance, but i will do that any case as i told, file at the boot of my pc is told to be not validi dont like that, even if my pc work, or sound to be working, because i dont know if becuause of this not valid file, later, in the future, i will meet problems..(the new hd are revealed to be at 68% health status, very strange since they are new, and my father's hd is old, but is 98% . i close the process of the reserach and i can operate normally again.. apart from these two information (health status, and block of research) that are not the real the end i found the file backup. INI finds all the information about that file so I don't type that in here. and pc seemed to be starte, im now in temporary modality (don't know how to say in english, sorry)now:- how i can fix the error file is not valid? (i have 2 hd, partioned in 2 part each one -Typing XP BOOT.Sometimes working your problem signal out 0x9c malfunctions could not be as difficult as updating Windows using Region which is added that ms makes on an ongoing foundation or the service Pack.Troubleshooting you can difficult, since you might be offered no choice but to restart with a blue-screen malfunction.

my hard drive is detected but the sw tells me no partition are present.

is missingplus i had the choice in my boot between:- microsoft windows xp prof.- optin /fastedetcwhy? both did not let me access to xp, desktop, programs etc.however, i expanded like i read in a post and replaced by taking it always for xp cd rom, but nothgin.bootcfg /list or /add or /rebuild do not work in my pci dont know the exact message, but tells like it is impossible because there is something broken, or something that prevent / obstacle "bootcfg" to work.i made a scan disk always from the recovery console "chkdsk" correcting the errors.still bootcfg does not worki replaced again ntldr and and expanded and pc gave me the illusion to start, told me always that file is not valid, and blocked suddently after the page/window "windows xp is loading" (the one where you see block of 3 blue balls that run one after other...) hope you understandi shut down the pc disappointed and without know what else still to do..i started now at 10 am.

i read to do like this in a forum on the web...i rebooted and file

it's this way i think testdisk can not make any check and can not restore any i told you i would like to restore mainly only the file save extension.i started the diagnostic with testdisk photo rec but the estimated time is 1550 hours!!!

i think the reason is both because its a big hd, and there are some mechanical probl.

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if so, i tell you i already made it, no as i told you in my second (long) post, bootcfg does not work..idea why must be in c:\ and not in d:\ where i have my os? and yet the file contains right values, because if you digit: panel controlsystemadvancedsettings (for reboot and recover menu)the box "current operating system" is ok, tells me "microsoft windows xp professional /fastdetect"and the other filed and values are present and correct. That's just a text file in the root or top of the drive so no extra app is required.

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