Updating ps3 using memory stick

Posted by / 11-Nov-2019 00:01

Then, with your PSP charged (and preferably still plugged in to avoid battery glitches), go to the games section, select Memory Stick and then select your update.

Follow the update instructions and let it do its thing.

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A memory stick (also known as flash drive or thumb drive) is used to store data in a convenient, portable way.

For this guide there are a few requirements, all of which you should own or you would not be looking here. A storage media device, either a USB flash drive or a Memory Stick, SD Memory Card, or Compact Flash card.

Play Station 3 console- Any model works, as all models have Memory Card readers and USB ports. On that storage media, you will need at least 150MB of free space.

Move the downloaded firmware file into the UPDATE folder. From the Xross Media Bar, head over to Settings and finally to System Update.

Then navigate to the PSP's game menu on the XMB menu and select update.Select Update via Storage Media and the system will search the drive for the PUP file.Follow the on screen instructions to begin the update.If you want to use homebrew software on your PSP, you can install custom firmware.Confirm that the storage media is connected to Play Station 3 system, and retry the update process as instructed above.

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Check that the USB device is formatted to the File Format FAT 32 or FAT 16.