Updating the default player for audio file types

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Nevertheless, Microsoft has constructed the very conditions that cause these bug reports to receive such prominent coverage.Its continued insistence on a model in which both content and security updates are mandatory and delivered in very tight timelines with only a limited ability to defer them, combined with changes to its software testing model, means problems like this are going to continue to slip through.Q11: What is the "real" max bit rate, resolution, and frames per second that Xbox 360 supports for all the different formats?A11: Xbox 360 does not specifically block video from playing based on a maximum bit rate, a resolution, or frames per second.According to Microsoft’s support documentation (via Paul Thurrott), installing the update will break Windows Media Player and prevent users from using the Seek Bar when playing specific files.No details are provided on which file types are broken or what the specific types are that trigger the behavior, or when a fix will be available.It’s not clear how widespread either issue is, but again, it’s not clear why this is happening or what low-level code Microsoft even touched to make such basic functionality fail.Setting a default application to handle a particular file type is not a new feature; it’s been part of core Windows behavior for decades.

Higher-rated content will not be blocked, but playback may be less then optimal. Q12: What size USB storage device does Xbox 360 support?

A12: Xbox 360 will support as big a storage device as you can format by using FAT32.

Unfortunately, when formatting a device in Windows Vista or Windows XP, you’re restricted to a maximum FAT32 size of 2 TB.

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