Updating to windows xp service pack 2

Posted by / 22-Nov-2020 20:20

WSUSOffline gets around that by downloading the actual updates directly from Microsoft but as with all unofficial tools, convenience comes with risk.

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Step 1 - Download and install SP3: Take a look at the Service Pack Center to find the download link for the latest Service pack.

From everything I've read, Service Pack 3 will be the last service pack to be released for XP.

* Click on the Hide updates option, check the box of Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3, and click Next to hide it, then click Close * Finally reboot the system to apply all changes.

Another method is to temporarily disable automatic updating to prevent the Office XP update from being automatically reinstalled. Note: It only works with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise editions.

Windows XP is currently under legacy products, and since WSUS offline updates directly downloads the updates off MS, this may stop working when MS stops hosting patches, some time in the future.I think you have to get the packages manually and save them somewhere.I think the best you can do is install the latest xp service pack and visual studio service packs and then use windows updates to grab the updates released since then.Step 2 - Fetch the latest security updates (released after SP3) Take a look at the Microsoft Security Bulletin Search tool to determine which updates you'll need to download.Here are the settings I recommend to get all of the relevant updates after post-SP3 Then it's just a matter of downloading the relevant install executables for offline use.

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