Validating identity on wireless connection

Posted by / 05-Mar-2020 06:17

Usually, windows will choose the faster connection. You'll still have to enter your password for your wireless network to get connected.This connectivity presents operational advantages, but steps should be taken to ensure that the connection is encrypted and secured.VPN connections should be used for both broadband networks and wireless air card connections to isolate and encrypt remote traffic to institution networks.

Wireless gateways can allow management to implement more complex access controls, including advanced identity management capabilities and services to detect and remediate malicious software.IP geolocation information may not always be available when using broadband networks, which can limit the effectiveness of monitoring.Therefore, management should consider implementing compensating controls, such as restricting access to network resources.Alternatively, network access control (NAC) systems could prevent the recognition of any unauthorized device.A NAC system typically provides an IP address only after validating that the newly connected device is authorized, by means of some identification (such as a computer's physical address-MAC address-or certificate) or pre-installed client software.

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The one from the manufacturer can sometimes interfere with the windows one. Many times you can log into the router from a wired connection and view the SSID and password.