Validating indentiy on a wireless network

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We now have two versions of the Cable Modem Validation Application (CMVA) available for download and use: a new lab automation version, and a data exploration version.

Lab automation and certification have unique requirements, but investigation and invention require flexibility.

It may be stored in a log which is protected by the institution running the server.

Museums Victoria computer and network must not be used to defame, libel, ridicule, or disparage any person or organisation.

Not all the configuration settings will be available on all devices.

The network name for the secure Wi Fi network is eduroam. The Wi Fi Network Authentication type is WPA2 Enterprise. If your Wi Fi device does not support WPA2/AES, select WPA authentication and TKIP encryption.

Although you may be able to connect to the eduroam Wi Fi network without validating the server certificate, your connection will not be secure.

You must ensure server certificate validation is enabled.

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Here are some specific use cases we’ve encountered: If you are a user of CMVA, let us know how you have used it!

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