Vb net cellvalidating e cancel Live one on one chat with granny free

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Vb net cellvalidating e cancel

The Row Validating event can be used the same way to prevent the user from exiting the current row.

However, the editor will be closed in this case and the value will be committed to the underlying data source.

Can you try please with Cell Enter (also block the Cell Validated event) and let us know?By default, it skips the current cell and places the focus in the row below.That is OK, but what I want is to override that behavior when the datagrid cell's content matches a certain condition (in my case, I am checking for duplicated values in a column).Cell Enter occurs after a cell gets the focus and Cell Validated occurs when the focus is about to leave.kernelcoder, first off thank you for your time!I realized I forgot to thank you in my previous response.

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