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Vba updating links

'the next Calculate line may be needed depending on the Calculation option you have set for your workbook (if it's set to Manual Calculate), remove the apostrophe if that is the case: 'Calculate xxx. Screen Updating = True End Sub In any event, the apostrophe needs removing from: 'On Error Go To here (my error for leaving it in) The other single line you may need, if updating doesn't happen, is: 'Calculate At the moment it is inoperative.Removal of the apostrophe at the beginning of that line activates it. The one last thing is it comes up with another password box, this time with read only button, when I click read only it works great but is there a way to make the macro do that automatically?

When you open a destination workbook, and the source workbook is not open, you may be alerted by the Trust Bar whether to update the links.

When I run the macro afterwards it still comes up asking for the password again? The overall plan is that I have 36 files around my business and they all read from sections of a 'master' file.

The master file must be password protected so everyone can't see the whole master document!

Table Of Contents Auto Update Macro - Chart (48.8 KB)Chart Sheets cannot be selected with hyperlinks because they do not contain cells.

Therefore, this solution uses the Worksheet_Follow Hyperlink event to select the Chart sheet.

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The protected file is password protected to get into it, something set up in tools when saving the file to our network drive so not sure if there is a better way to protect entry so this can still work, but I need to make sure no one can get into the master file when these are reading from, only the one person with a password.

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