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Her first project came when she was 12 years old, as part of a national television commercial promoting the upcoming King Kong attraction at Universal Studios.She mentioned that this first project was something that she really enjoyed, and it encouraged her to further pursue a career in the industry.

Despite the negative light Diamond paints on the time period, Gosselaar has no bad blood with his SBTB "exes," remarking in the Washington Post that everyone is still friends. The 2008 interview was conducted before the release of Diamond's book, so the star, who was at the time appearing on NYPD Blue, is still fairly diplomatic.

The lark sings in the morning and the nightingale sings, appropriately, at night.

There is no denying that one of our favorite '90s heartthrobs Zack Morris was (and let's face it, still is) a total hottie, but did Mark-Paul Gosselaar really date his Saved By the Bell co-stars?

Gosselaar admits to dating each of his female co-stars at different times, calling the ever changing couplings and alliances "incestuous."He describes the interactions as "very high school" with people getting mad at each other for supposed slights, and changing who they were friends with from week to week.

Gosselaar continues: Sometimes the girls would gang up on the guys.

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While he's since ditched his signature frosted tips and moved on to more adult fare like TNT's Franklin & Bash, Lifetime's saucy new movie The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story, premiering on Monday, Sept.

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