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Web cam cahat random maldive

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vni K \L I The publicalion f tli s work liis been nade po l U 1 v Kf' ’t'l t\ f t t In the first place His late Highness the Prime Minister of Nepal. ( ’liamlra Sliain SIu t Jang Bahadur Rana, whose untimely death has deprived Nepal of oiu* of tlu' greatest of her ruiet-. A., IKI''., ol ihe t 'o\ ('rument lliub Sidiool, Darjeeling. He lum icxamin- .1 every one of the 26,000 entries. O., late of tiu' oth Loyal (turklm Kiiie- and the 6th Gurkha Rifies, Major B.

Even Sanskrit lexicography may gain some- thing from such studies : for a number of words of unknown or doubtful meaning in ancient texts like the Atharvaveda survive in the Middle or Modem Indo-Aryan langmages. when for a [im-iod of Av nmnth- I ,i put of each day in his company, he has been my constant counsellor and collaborator.

But during the last six years much new material has been added in the etymological notes which are placed at the end of the articles. last ha^ given much time to investigating among his men iiroblems that 1 sent him. the etymological portion I bavo bad constant rccoureo to tlic learning of i..lk-aauc. iski and Prof I ( M igon'^turnc I I ivo never apficaled ir vam The identi P ations in ^cwii T owe fo l)i' H.

Any who have over attempted to obtain an accurate definition of the meaning of a word in another language under the best conditions of personal interrogation will realize with what difficulties, often insuperable, . My original aim was to make a practical dictionary of Nepali ; and although the work has in the end somewhat outgrown that first intention, in the part of it which deals with the meanings and uses of Nepali words the original aim has been held constantly in view. Gurkha Rifles, provided me with manv word.- and th. late Curator of the Botanical Gardens at Darjeeling. fi lo \iyan r Indo-rran in tie Jcl M J Blocli M f Pm;)-!

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Those which contain an original Sanskrit intervocalic 4- are most easily identified as loans of this sort.