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When to start dating

I knew it was time to start dating Bethany after we had progressed as far as we could in our friendship.

Since the Bible does not give a specific age, I won’t either., or are you interested in doing an activity with someone such as going to the movies, or hanging out?Usually before a parent or guardian give permission for their child to date, they will likely want to have a conversation about certain rules that you will need to follow, for example: a curfew (when you will have to be home), whether or not they will allow you to be a passenger in a car with a teenage driver, how much time you can spend with the person, and how much time you can spend on your phone, texting or calling, etc.” we need to do our best to apply general truths in the Bible to this specific question.A Christian Should Start Dating When They Are “Ready” to Be Married The Bible doesn’t give a certain age for when Christians should be married, so it definitely doesn’t say what age people should start dating.

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The Bible doesn’t directly say anything about dating.