Who is dating oprah now

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You can trust her, she is one of the greatest communicators in the world. Because she can do so much more behind the scenes because she doesn’t have all the controls politically.She is self-made, nobody gave her anything,’ he added. She is not divided by parties, she has the ability to move in and out all different circles.‘When you begin to love yourself, you can begin to love other people.’ Seriously deep.

In the series, which launched Tuesday for Oprah Mag.com, the dynamic duo answer readers' questions about dating and share their personal experiences. The Their advice for others looking to spice up their long-term relationships?For instance, Winfrey tells the story of how her longtime love Stedman Graham reacted after she surprised him by wearing a sexy negligee."I'm standing at the stairs when he comes in, and he literally comes in, Stedman, walks right past me and says, 'What are you doing? Winfrey recommends asking your partner what gets that person in the mood."For me, I gotta say making cornbread kind of serves the purpose," she said."I made some cornbread yesterday, and you would have thought I stripped myself butt-naked.Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have one of the most rock solid relationships in showbiz, having been together for a whopping 33 years.The chat-show host, 65, has been engaged to the author since 1992, but they have yet to say their vows. ‘We’ve been together a long time, we love each other and care about each other. I support her 150%, I want her to be the best person she could possibly be.’ Stedman was also probed on what the secret to love is, following their 33-year romance, and Susanna Reid was quick to make note of his response.

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