Who is jenna jameson dating

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Who is jenna jameson dating

Jameson had a prescription for the drug to help with her headaches, but Ortiz thinks she was taking much more than prescribed.“I came to find out she was using during the pregnancy,” Ortiz says. How can you risk our kids having something happen to them?

”Jameson did not respond to interview requests for this story, but in reports published in 2010, she denied ever having had a prescription drug addiction.

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Jenna Jameson, the international porn star who bought a small Scottsdale strip club and set the city's sex laws on fire, reportedly has split with her husband and is dating rocker Dave Navarro, according to

To Ortiz’s right, his girlfriend, Amber Nichole Miller, works on an identical plate.

Across from them, Ortiz’s 12-year-old son, Jacob, dribbles hot sauce onto his eggs, as his twin 5-year-old boys, Jesse and Journey, clown around on either side.

“I didn’t want my kids to go through the same (stuff) I went through,” Ortiz says. Photos of a handcuffed Ortiz stepping into a patrol car went viral on the Internet.

He was taken to jail but released after posting his own bail.“That was probably the worst time of my life,” says Ortiz, who maintains that he never touched Jameson.

The news had leaders of a Scottsdale referendum on the Jameson-inspired sex biz ordinance scrambling to reassure supporters that the Sept. "This has nothing to do with the campaign," said Lamar Whitmer, campaign consultant for the Scottsdale Small Business Alliance Political Committee Opposed to Proposition 401. This started when the mayor got on a morality crusade." But morality, Jenna, and obscure celebrity gossip sites have become inextricably tangled in tourist-oriented Scottsdale.“I used to do (fan photos) when Jacob was little, but I stopped because he would get all hurt and ask, ‘Dad, what about me? Kristin moved to Arizona, taking their son, Jacob, with her.The couple has remained friends, and Ortiz sees Jacob regularly.“I loved her, but we weren’t in love,” Ortiz says.HUNTINGTON BEACH -- It’s a Saturday morning in mid-October, about one month before Tito Ortiz’s mixed martial arts fight against Stephan Bonnar in San Diego.But instead of holing up to train at his property in Big Bear Lake, as has been Ortiz’s tradition before big fights throughout his 17-year career, Ortiz sits at a Huntington Beach IHOP, clenching a yogurt tube and maxing out his artistic ability on a pile of pancakes.

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After breakfast, the family strolls down to the Huntington Beach Pier.