Windows media center guide not updating

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Windows media center guide not updating

Plex Pass is only there if you want more advanced features, making it a great way to test everything out before diving into the deep end.

As for us here at Windows Central, we're big fans of Plex and can easily recommend it for those coming from Windows Media Center.

Plex too comes rocking support for DVR, and you can do all this and more.

It's even possible to use the Xbox One TV Tuner in select countries and have channels added to Plex.

Plex Beginner's Guide Perks are usually worth it alone, allowing you to take advantage of deals scored by Plex's partners.

The company maintains two media products right now that ship with various versions of the Windows operating system; Windows Media Center, only available in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and Windows Media Player, available in all supported versions of Windows.But it's not just live services Plex can tackle, it's also seriously good at cataloging everything. Have a messy music library that has never been sorted by WMC, i Tunes or other media app? Add it as a library in Plex and let the software do the rest.Once everything is on the Plex server, it's available to all connected devices, be it a phone, tablet or TV.The following table highlights how different operating systems are affected.Microsoft notes that existing metadata will remain available in the player (metadata that was downloaded already) and that the termination won't affect primary features of either media player.

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Movie and TV show metadata may include actor and director names, or genre.

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