X80004005 error validating windows

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If this is the case, you'll need to contact Microsoft support. If you still need help installing or activating Office for Mac, tell us about your issue in detail by leaving us a comment below and we'll try to address it in the future.

You can also contact Microsoft support to talk to a human.

See Remove Office license files on a Mac for directions on how to check which license you're using and how to reactivate. Can't find the installer or Office apps after downloading "An error has occurred. Please try again later." file downloaded but won't launch.

Unidentified developer error Error message "Install Failed" when trying to install.

To fix this issue, update your Mac's name to remove the invalid characters: Microsoft is aware of and currently working on this issue.

If you've activated Office for Mac 2016 but are still seeing a message that says "You need to activate Office for Mac within X days," please try these steps to resolve your issue: If you own multiple licenses and have installed using the incorrect one, or you had a one-time install of Office for Mac and then purchase Office 365, you might need to remove licenses attached to your suite of Office and reactivate to ensure you're getting all the benefits of Office 365.

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Visit Stack Exchange I am using a SCCM 2012 task sequence to deploy Windows 7 for Dell Precision T5810.

If you bought a one-time purchase of Office 2016 for PC instead of for Mac (or vice versa), you'll get an "Unsupported operating system" error when installing.You can find troubleshooting steps for common installation or activation issues for Office for Mac here.If the issue you're having is not in these lists, you may also be experiencing an emerging issue.Both of the reasons I found are already in other answers, but they are in separate answers and not fully explained.So, hopefully this will combine the possibilities and give good means of debugging each.

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In the case of any of the above, follow the steps in Office for Mac repeatedly requesting keychain access to reset your keychain permissions. We’ve confirmed your purchase, but in order to activate you will need to download a version of Office for Mac from this Link" If you're trying to activate a one-time purchase of Office for Mac and you get the above error message, this is because your Priviliged Helper Tools folder is incorrectly not accessible to your user account.

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