Xmlvalidatingreader tutorial

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Xmlvalidatingreader tutorial

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XML in, XML out Hi All (and a happy holiday to those that will get a break), I am trying to read in an XML file of addresses. Problem loading an xml string containing xml data into XML document Hi all, I have a problem loading an xml string containing xml response data returned by other server(spatial server) into XML document some times becoz the returned xml response contains special chars like , ', etc.Using the Xml Validating Reader, I've found MS examples that can validate against an external schema very easily.However, the external dtd seems a bit more awkward.Xml: parse document CDATA and create new XML document Hi, I have a third party tool that loads xml files to a set location and I need to take these custom xml files and create new xml files. Set up a program or script of some kind that will automatically parse the custom xml files as they are transferred to given folders and create new xml files I have a xsd file that I need to base the new xml files, or I guess (?) I can use some kind of xslt file based on the xsd file to do the same thing and 2.

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I need to take these nodes and throw them into a newly created well formed xml document so I can use that and create a dataset from it...